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Automotive Oil Filter

In today’s world of oil filters, you want to be sure that you give your vehicle the best. Sure Filter® products are just that, combining the best elements of design, distribution, and world-class manufacturing to offer effective and efficient filtration solutions. Sure Filter® takes great pride in producing quality products for a wide range of uses, including aftermarket filters for the automotive industry.

Sure Filter® brand, which has been around since 1990s, has been developed by one of the world’s largest manufacturers of aftermarket filters. It got there by producing quality oil filters for the typical vehicle owner. The average driver should perform periodic maintenance on a vehicle every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. That maintenance should include a change of the oil filter. Drivers can be sure when they choose Sure Filter® that they are getting a product that will provide protection for their vehicles as well as increase their vehicles’ lifespans.

What separates Sure Filter® from others in the marketplace is its unique design features and quality construction. This applies not only to oil filters, but to other filtration devices as well. A Sure Filter® oil filter has a steel tension spring that has been designed with a heat treatment process that helps it maintain the stability of tension between the element and the canister. The spiral perforating tube is designed to prevent the element from collapsing and provides better flow. The filtration media used in the manufacture of Sure Filter® products ensures, in this case, that oil can pass freely through the filter at all times.

To keep your engine running smoothly and improve your vehicle’s overall performance and efficiency, use the products you can be sure will work. Sure Filter® products are designed to meet industry standards and deliver tremendous value to each and every customer. Don’t settle for anything less than the best. When you need to be sure, choose Sure Filter®.

Automotive Air Filter

Protect your engine and get reliable vehicle performance with Sure Filter® air filters. The superior design and excellent quality of Sure Filter® offers a wide range of air filters that are nothing short of perfection. Developed by a manufacturing team with over 40 years of experience in high-quality filtration devices, your engine is in safe hands with Sure Filter®.

Why do you need a new air filter?
Over time, your air filter will get dirty, which may seem harmless, but can eventually lead to an overall decline in engine performance.  A dirty air filter can decrease airflow through your engine and lead to a decrease in horsepower. Over time, more dirt and damaging particles are let into your engine further decreasing efficiency.

Installing a new Sure Filter® air filter into your vehicle will filter out those harmful contaminants and prevent them from getting into your engine. This will help maintain your engine’s performance and even increase acceleration while improving the overall efficiency of your engine.

Sure Filter® products are designed to meet or exceed the highest automotive industry standards and to comply with any and all requirements of engine manufacturers. The state-of-the-art design features make Sure Filter® one of the best for its’ value.

To be sure – use SURE®.

Automotive Fuel Filter

Get your vehicle to perform at its optimum level with Sure Filter® fuel filters. Sure Filter® brand filters have been helping vehicle owners around the globe since 1990s. The company that produces Sure Filter® brand has been in business for 40 years, developed a reputation for high quality, reliable products, and is one of the largest manufacturers of aftermarket filters in the world.

Sure Filter® designs and manufactures a wide range of filters, including fuel filters that are used in wide variety of applications, oil filters, air filters, hydraulic filters and more all designed to help customers increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their vehicles and machines. Sure Filter® fuel filters screen out dirt and other particles from a vehicle’s fuel. Modern vehicles are not very tolerant of contaminated fuel. Paint chips or pieces of rust from inside a fuel tank need to be removed before they enter a vehicle’s fuel system, otherwise, the fuel pump and injectors can become damaged.

Corrosion of a fuel tank is a common cause of contamination, but the most common cause is moisture in the tank. Dirt and other debris can also get into a fuel system from dirty filler caps or funnels. Contaminated fuel can do some serious damage to a fuel system and an engine. Holes in fuel tanks and bad fuel injectors are common results from bad fuel.

Sure Filter® fuel filters, like other filtration devices that the company manufactures, are made in accordance with DIN, JIS, and SAE standards. All of the company’s products are designed and manufactured to meet or exceed the highest automotive industry standards. All filters are tested to ensure that they hold up to efficiency and life expectancy standards as well.

What separates Sure Filter® brand products from others are several design features that allow the company’s filters to perform at maximum efficiency and last. To effectively filter fuel, for example, Sure Filter® uses high performance media that ensures the free flow of fuel through the filter at all times. Other design features like steel tension springs, anti-drain back valves, and square seal gaskets make Sure Filter® brand products protect customers’ engines and machines and increase their lifespans.

The most cost effective method of retaining a vehicle’s engine performance is providing it with the highest quality fuel filter. When you need to be sure, choose Sure Filter® brand fuel filters.

Automotive Cabin Air Filters

Take care of your car’s ventilation and air conditioning system with a Sure Filter® cabin air filter. Sure Filter® has been designed and manufactured by professionals with 40 years of experience in the aftermarket filter industry, with worldwide reputation for quality and reliability.

Why do you need a cabin air filter?
The air outside of your vehicle flows into your car or truck and can bring with it a variety of pollutants and contaminants. No one wants to breathe in road dust or pollen. Sure Filter® cabin air filter sifts outdoor air and can remove almost all dust, dirt, pollen, and other contaminants from entering into your vehicle’s air conditioning and ventilation system.

Sure Filter® filtration devices are designed and manufactured in accordance with SAE, DIN, and JIS standards. Each product is laboratory tested to ensure it meets both efficiency and life expectancy standards.  The result is high performance cabin air filters, which vastly improve the air quality inside vehicles and help you enjoy truly fresh air.

To be sure – use Sure Filter®.

Automotive Cartridge Filters

Sure Filter® brand filtration devices include a variety of cartridge filters to help maximize the performance of a variety of engines and machinery. For over 35 years, manufacturers of Sure Filter® has been providing customers around the world with high quality, dependable filters that maximize the efficiency and ensure reliable operation of engines and machines across a variety of applications.

Oil filters, for example, are designed to remove contaminants from oil and help to improve the performance and life of the engine or machine for which they work. Car, trucks, construction vehicles, and industrial machines may all use oil filters, which are important to the overall output of each. Cartridge oil filters work to remove contaminants that can do serious damage and leave vehicles inoperable.  Sure Filter® brand cartridge filters have been carefully designed to ensure that customers are protected.

Sure Filter® brand cartridge filters are designed and manufactured in accordance with the global automotive industry standards as well as those of JIS, SAE, and DIN. Each filtration device made by the company is tested in the laboratory to make sure that it holds up to life expectancy, efficiency, and industry quality benchmarks. Choosing a Sure Filter® product is choosing a brand that is trustworthy and reliable.

Sure Filter® takes great pride in developing quality, effective filtration solutions for its customers. The company makes a variety of different filters including cartridge, air, oil, and fuel filters to name a few. Sure Filter® brand products include such state of the art design features as steel tension springs, spiral perforated tubes, and high performance media. Oil filters are designed to remove particulate material from engine oil. Air filters will filter out pollutants and contaminants from engine airflow.

Customers want products that they can trust. When you choose Sure Filter®, you can be assured that your filter has been designed, made, and tested to bring you amazing quality and value. Sure Filter®, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of filters, is a brand name that you can trust.

To be sure – use SURE®.

Automotive-Fuel/Oil Separator

Engine protection is important not only in the automotive industry, but also in industrial, commercial, and marine applications. Fuel-oil separator filters by Sure Filter® provide effective protection for engines and engine-powered machines by filtering out particles that can get into an engine and damage it. Sure Filter® brand has been developed and manufactured by professionals, who have been one of the world’s leading aftermarket manufacturers for 40 years, building high quality, reliable filters.

Sure Filter® fuel-oil separator filters, like other filtration devices manufactured by the company, made from the highest quality materials and designed to protect engines and help them operate at their maximum levels of productivity. The manufacture of effective filtration devices involves the incorporation of a variety of design features. Sure Filter® uses a number of different, effective designs to provide its wide range of filters that include air filters, oil filters, fuel filters, and more. The ability to combine the best elements of design, world class manufacturing, and a worldwide distribution is why the Sure Filter® brand has gained a reputation for excellence in the industry.

Filters, like the fuel-oil separators from Sure Filter®, work to protect engines and promote increased efficiency. A fuel-oil mixture first enters the fuel-oil separator. Oil is much denser than the fuel it is mixed with and will separate with the fuel on top and oil on the bottom. Fuel-oil separators from Sure Filter® are built to ensure that engines operate effectively, efficiently, and to their maximum capabilities.

Protect your engine with the industry’s highest quality and most reliable fuel-oil separators. Increase the lifespan of your machinery with state of the art filtration technology that removes harmful contaminants and allows engines and engine-powered machines to operate at their peak levels of performance. To be sure, your engine is protected – choose Sure Filter® brand filters.

Automotive Transmission Filters

If you want your vehicle to run smoothly and last for years, you will take care of the engine and transmission systems. Periodic maintenance will include the changing of different filters that will protect your vehicle’s transmission system and increase its lifespan. When it comes to choosing filters for your vehicle, be sure and choose Sure Filter®.

Sure Filter® brand products have been created by people committed to producing high quality filtration products for 40 years. The company designs and manufactures a wide range of filters for a variety of industries. Automobile owners can trust in the Sure Filter® brand because the company uses the highest quality materials and meets all of the most stringent industry standards for manufacturing.

Transmission filters, for example, help to keep contaminants out of the transmission fluid. The fluid circulates through the transmission system and helps to make a car or truck run properly. When particles get into the fluid, transmission problems can arise and they can be very costly. Proper maintenance, including the use of Sure Filter® products, can prevent those expensive repairs, improve the performance of a vehicle, and increase a vehicle’s lifespan.

Sure Filter® brand products are produced by one of the world’s largest manufacturers of filtration devices. The company is well known for its superior design and manufacturing. Sure Filter® filters include several unique features such as a steel tension spring, a perforated spiral tube, and high performance filtration media. All of the design features help to increase the strength of the filter and ensure the free flow of fluid. Sure Filter® products are designed to meet the demands of the modern engine and transmission system.

All Sure Filter® technology meets SAE, JIS, and DIN quality standards. The company tests every product that it develops to make sure that they all meet efficiency and life expectancy standards, all in an effort to bring great value to the end user. Customers can be extremely confident that Sure Filter® filtration products will increase the performance and life of their vehicles and enable them to perform to their maximum capabilities. To be sure, use SURE®.