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Magnusson-Moss Act explanation

When a driver wants to use aftermarket parts to enhance vehicle’s performance and reap the benefits of lower costs, his dealer warns that this will cancel vehicle warranty, leaving him unprotected. Dealer may not be telling the truth… Sure Filter® wants customers to remember, that aftermarket products will not automatically void warranties, thanks to protection from the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act.

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Product Warranty

To achieve optimum performance, machines must be maintained well, which is why Sure Filter® brand offers consumers the best available aftermarket filters and separators. We understand that every vehicle (from cars to mining apparatuses, construction equipment to marine gear) requires protection against contaminants, and we strive to provide that protection through state-of-the-art engineering and rigorous testing.

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Quality  Assurance

Sure Filter® brand products manufactured at the world-class production facility, that makes approximately 96 million filters each year, some of them in OEM and OES partnership with leading global automotive and heavy-duty brands, such as Toyota, Nissan Diesel, Ford, Hino and many others). At Sure Filter®, we are committed to continual product and process improvements, and support internationally recognized quality certifications.

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